IOST - Greetings From Tchernobyl (2005)

Enregistré, mixé et masterisé en Juin 2005 au Studio BUD Records par Mathieu

Label: Autoproduction


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Infested Organ vs Scrub Typhus - Frenetic Masochistic



"Greetings from Tchernobyl" album (JuNe 2006)

IOST is a band from France and they called on their music as schizo death grind. Well, for me its still the same as brutal death grind as other band. IOST music will terrify all death metal grinders fans and crushed all their ears until it bleed. Even I can't differentiate schizo death grind music is I can't describe also in the kind of brutality. This one belongs to all extreme metals fans that much more like into grinding stuff. Not only for blasting fans but also pit to all into thrashing blasting maniacs. A dual vocal of brutal and aggressive guttural plus sickening torment screams. And the brutal shredding riffs of guitars that really drive them into hell and a heavy tight blasting with tempo drums beats with some double bass. This is what they called schizo death grind. Now you know! The recording was fine with professional work. What this album forgot is to include is the content of their songs. Lyrics not included but titles are "Born among Fecaes", "Fuck the fucking fuck!" (what is that mean?), etc. They got here 19 tracks including 2 interludes and 1 outro. Released by the band I guess or if you want to grab a copy send 10E / 13$ to IOST c/o Martin Alban / 50 rue de la rousselle / 330000 Bordeaux / France.



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"Greetings from Tchernobyl" album (JaNuArY 2006)

IOST or Infested Organ versus Scrub Typhus, if we compare with their mate or another death/grind from france Inhumate their musick are totally different!! IOST have a lot of more brutal death influence than inhumate, even they both say they are death/grind bands in this self release CD ,comes with very good sound recordings, 19 blasting songs in here with the guitar riff and drumming can crust your weak body and souls!! with scream and low growl vockill for a maniac who love Insision,cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Dying Fetus, Gorerotted you got greetings from tchernobyl!!


"Greetings from Tchernobyl" album (DeCeMbEr 2005)

I've never heard about this band before someone posted about them on the Devourment forum (hey to everyone who writes there! you rock!) and if I can recall what that person said I think he said that they were close to Circle of dead children and some other bands, I really suck at remembering so what the heck, I'll give you my own oppinion on what they sound like. IOST is a french band with alot of different influences, you'll find influences from death, grind, black, hardcore or like they want to call it "Schizo death grind". Bands that I could refer to musically has to be a hint of Circle of dead children, Fuck the facts, some stuff reminds me of the newer Alienation Mental material.

Vocals are handled by a guy and a girl which brings a nice contrast between low grunts (some of the stuff reminds me of Happy Face at times), hardcore screams, insane inhale screeches and some of stuff sounds too fucked up too explain, like at one song it sounds like one of the vocalists are trying to impersonate the sound of someone grinding the shit out of a snare. One thing I would like to hear me of would be if they could throw in some really guttural vocals as well, but still keeping what the other vocalstyles as well since I'm a huge fan of diversity.

The music is brought to you with skills above a mediumlevel (the drummer is a pleasure to listen to) and with this you get a really good and professional recording as well, probably one of the finest I've heard in a long time. It's recorded at BUD RECORDS that apparently has recorded cd's for other French bands such as Voracious Gangrene (not sure if this awesome band is around anymore), Gorgasm (the french one of course, now going under the name of Gorod) and Bloodshed.(just released their new cd on Snakebite Productions).

One thing that they mention in the papers that came with the package is that they went out to please the openminded metalheads and I think that that is really awesome of them because this pretty much demands that you are a bit more, not that their music is the most experimental that you will ever hear and just because it says that it's for openminded that dosent mean it's not brutal because thats what it really is, brutal, intense and I'm sure that if you are into either grind, death or hardcore that you can definantly like this band.

A highly recommend debut full length album by these french maniacs, worth checking out!



"Greetings from Tchernobyl" album (DeCeMbEr 2005)

Il paraît que le nuage toxique de Tchernobyl s?était arrêté aux frontières de Notre Présipauté... béh... je commence à en douter: ce groupe prouve que non. Vingt ans après le léger incident qui avait fait découvrir au monde le ?euron du nucléaire Ukrainien, on voit le résultat; un groupe de Grind Death mutant complètement barré, extrêmement intéressant et novateur qui pousse le bouchon en matière d?intensité et d?excellence encore plus loin. De IOST (Infested Organ Scrub Typhus) je ne connaissais que leur split avec SKROTUM (un groupe pas terrible, les boules!) Depuis, IOST a encore progressé !

Lorsque l?on découvre cet album, on peut noter une petite phrase de mise en garde: "Schizo Death Grind For Openminded People": les bas de plafond ne sont donc pas conviés à la fête! C?est clair, il faut avoir une certaine souplesse d?esprit a?n de pouvoir pro?ter et apprécier toute la richesse du Death Grind de IOST qui pioche dans l?ADN de groupes tels que DYING FETUS, LENG TCH?E ou même DEAD INFECTION (les nouveaux). Jusque là, rien d?exceptionnel, mais lorsque vous saurez que IOST s?est aussi injecté de l?extrait de concentré de CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN, de FUCK THE FACTS et de MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM dans les veines, vous comprendrez que ce groupe est un hybride mêlant le meilleur des genres de Brutal Metal. Mais, mille fois mais, IOST n?est pas qu?un patchwork d?in?uences (aussi excellentes soientelles) A l?instar de la créature du Dr. Frankenstein, ce groupe qui allie la technicité d?ORIGIN, la brutalité de CATTLE DECAPITATION, et le côté «décousu» de FUCK THE FACTS, IOST possède une âme qui lui est propre.

"Greetings From Tchernobyl" propose 19 titres (dont 3 interludes bizarroïdes) originaux, atypiques et qui témoignent d?un putain de talent, d?une maîtrise inouïe et d?une très grande classe. Cet album, comme tous les disques qui s?éloignent du prêt-à-écouter-vite-digéré ne manquera pas de détracteurs tant les titres qui le composent pourront paraître complexes aux oreilles des talibans du Bledina Metal. Ultra technique et brutal, IOST créé des structures alambiquées sans pour autant se laisser aller aux machins Screamo binocleux et geignard. Les vocaux restent plus «traditionnels», deux voix se font écho sur cette débauche de blasts et de riffs brutaux et agressifs. La première rappelle les grunts de BRUTAL TRUTH, la seconde plus braillée reste dans l?esprit GOREROTTED. D?ailleurs la voix de la minette qui pousse la chansonnette prend parfois des couleurs Brutal Hard Core.

Le seul défaut que je trouve à cet album est sa prod?... Une prod? excellente, mais si elle avait été un poil plus grasse... (jamais content c?ui là!)

Bref, "Greetings From Tchernobyl" est une pure tuerie qui fera fuir les philistins et qui enchantera les amateurs de Grind Core technique, élaboré et brutal as feuque!

Cobra Commando - 17/20

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